FZS v3 Price in BD

The FZ-S V3 is the newest model from the Fazer motorcycle brand. It has a displacement of 998cc and produces an impressive 94 horsepower. The Yamaha Fazer V3 is available in both a standard and a sports version and comes equipped with some features that make it an exciting option for riders. The standard version of fzs v3 price in bd costs 2,50,000 Taka, while the sports model costs 2,80,000 Taka. A Great titan watch with fzs v3 will perfect match, check for price in bd.

Fzs v3 price in bd is expect to increase soon as the new model is launched. Fzs v3 price in bd is expect to start from BDT 2,50,000 and increase to 2,80,000. The new Fzs v3 will come with an all-new design and ew features. The Fzs v3 Price in Bangladesh is expect to reach Tk. 3,00,000 by the end of this year. The motorcycle was launch in the country at the beginning of the year at a price of Tk. 2,50,000.

Yahama Motorcycle Famous in the World

Yahama Motorcycle is a Japanese motorcycle brand that specializes in sport bikes and cruisers. We all khow, Yahama motorcycles are known for their high quality and reliable engines. Yahama has a long history of producing quality motorcycles and continues to do so to this day.

Yahama Motorcycle is a company that has been in the motorcycle industry for over 100 years. So, Yahama motorcycles are known for their quality and durability. They make both street bikes and off-road bikes, and they have a wide variety of models to choose from. Yahama motorcycles are also some of the most affordable options on the market, making them a great option for anyone looking for a quality bike without breaking the bank.

FZS motorcycles are known for their reliability and quality. Yahama makes a variety of models, including cruiser bikes and custom bikes, that are perfect for anyone looking for a motorcycle that can handle a variety of riding conditions. Whether you’re hitting the open road or commuting to work, Yahama has the perfect bike for you.

Yahama FZS Bike Top in the Bike Lover

Yahama’s FZS bike is perfect for those who love cycling for transportation. This bike is reliable and easy to ride, making it a great choice for riders. Yahama’s FZS bike is also affordable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

In the realm of bicycles, there are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Yahama has come up with a new option in the form of the FZS bike. This bike is unique in that it is a folding bike. So, tranport and carrying is much easiar than before. The FZS bike also offers a variety of features that make it an enticing option for cyclists. These features include Tektro disc brakes, alloy frames, and Shimano gears.

The Yahama FZS bike is a great choice for looking for a quality, affordable bike. This bike is perfect for recreational riders and commuters alike, and it has many features that make it a great choice.FZS bike is avalable in various colours and features, so there is sure to be a model that fits your needs.

Yamaha FZS V3 Price in BD

The Yamaha FZS V3 is now available in the market for BDT 295,000. The new motorcycle has been design for both experience riders and beginners. The engine provides a power output of 139.5 bhp at 8,500 rpm and torque of 102 Nm at 6,000 rpm, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles in its class.

Fzs v3 price in bd is expect to start from BDT 2,50,000 and increase to 2,80,000

The Yamaha FZS V3 comes with an automatic transmission which makes it very easy to ride. FZS has a digital display on the front side that shows the speed, fuel level and other important information. The suspension is adjustable so that you can get the perfect riding experience.

Yamaha FZS V3 Price in BD: The Yamaha FZS V3 is a sports bike design for the street. This bike is power by an 898cc engine that produces 46 hp and 36 lb-ft of torque. The Yamaha FZS V3 also has a six-speed gearbox that allows easy shifting. This bike comes with ABS and traction control, making it safe to ride on the streets. Additionally, this bike has a comfortable seat, perfect for long rides. The Yamaha FZS V3 is available in two colours, black and silver.

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