Apple Watch Price in BD

Apple Watch is a wearable technology device create by Apple Inc. It was announce on September 9, 2014, and release on April 24, 2015. While, the watch has a rectangular screen made of sapphire crystal and can be operate using a digital Crown or buttons on the side. So, it is waterproof up to 50 meters and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Whatever, the price for apple watch is not much high in BD. So, while we’re working on the last article router price in bd, we notice our customer want to know apple watch price.

First of all, it has sleek design and plethora of features, the Apple Watch is one of the luxurious and modern smartwatches available on the market. Most important thing is the watch is design to supplement traditional timekeeping methods, and the watch can track various activities, including steps taken, heart rate, and sleep. Additionally, the Apple Watch can be use as a phone when paired with an iPhone. The watch is available in different colors and materials and can be purchase online or at select retailers.

The Apple Watch is a wearable device released by Apple Inc. in April 2015. The watch has a display that uses an LED-backlit LCD screen that measures 42 mm in diameter and has a resolution of 326 PPI. It includes multiple sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart-rate monitor. The watch can be controlle using the touchscreen interface or voice commands. The good thing is the battery life is expecte to last between 18 and 24 hours.

Why Apple Watch is the Best

The Apple Watch is the hotcake to smartwatch lover available on the market today. It has a beautiful design, great features, and is incredibly user-friendly. Thousand of apps are install ready for apple watch, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, want to stay connected with your social media networks, or just need a watch for general use, the Apple Watch is perfect for you.

Why Apple Watch is one of the best option while selecting smartwatch on the market:

  • It has a sleek design that makes it look good and feel premium.
  • It has a variety of features that make it an useful tool for tracking fitness, monitoring health, and more.
  • The Apple Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you can use it with any smartphone or tablet.
  • The battery life is excellent, so you can use it for several days without needing to recharge.
  • The customer service is top-notch, so if there are any problems with your device, they will be able to help you fix them quickly and easily.

Features of Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a wristwatch digital watch announced on September 12, 2015, by Apple Inc. It features a touchscreen display and wireless communication and runs the iOS operating system. It comes in five models: 38 mm, 42 mm, 46 mm, 50 mm and 44 mm. The 38 mm model is the cheapest at US$349, while the most expensive model costs US$10,000.

  • Apple Watch is a wearable device that can be used for various purposes such as checking the time, monitoring your health, and tracking your activity.
  • The Apple Watch comes in different colours and sizes to suit everyone’s needs.
  • There are different straps that you can use to make the watch more comfortable to wear.
  • The watch’s battery life is usually around two days, but it can be extended with a charging cable.
  • You can also use the watch to make phone calls, control your music playback, and access notifications from your iPhone or other devices.

Apple Watch Price in BD

Apple Watch prices in Bangladesh started from Tk. 25,000 onwards. The price for the Sport model starts from Tk. 35,000, while the price for the Standard model starts from Tk. 40,000. Additionally, there are also several Apple Watch Edition models that come with a different price tag starting from Tk. 50,000 onwards.

Average Price for Apple Watch in BD is 50,000-1,00,000 Taka

Apple Watch is the best choice smartwatches in the market. It has received a lot of positive feedback from users. However, its price is not very affordable for most people.  The cost of an Apple Watch starts from BDT. 49,000 in Bangladesh. This means that it is not affordable for most people in Bangladesh to buy an Apple Watch.

There are a lot of reseller available in the market that are selling the watch at a discounted price but it still remains expensive compared to other devices in the market. It is likely that the price of the Apple Watch will increase over time as more and more retailers start selling it and its popularity continues to grow.

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